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LEDwall Proto 3

Ahh, Christmas holidays. The perfect time to muck about with electronics and software. I never thought I’d enjoy electronics this much.

Admittedly, I didn’t make a lot of changes the LEDwall prototype, I just finished it up. I soldered the base of an Arduino Nano to a little soldering board, installed the Nano, trimmed some wires and I added proper connectors instead of twisting wires together and applying duct tape.

I got rid of the GUI and networking stuff that would allow me to set the program remotely. Instead, I added a little jumper to be able to switch the program every time the Arduino starts. Then, I wrote some code to turn the whole thing into a `Do not disturb’ / ‘I am available’ sign.

Besides the two shown above, I’ve also made a blinking display of the letters ‘O-K’ and ‘N-O’ in green and red respectively. It’s a bit painful to look at so the first option (green circle and red cross) seems most useful. If the jumper isn’t here (if I’ve lost it 😉 ) it shows a spiffy flashing raindrops thing that is sure to induce an epileptic seizure.

Happy holidays!

Extension to Category Posts in Custom Menu

The WordPress plugin I wrote, Category Posts in Custom Menu, supports custom extensions. Recently, I wrote an extension for someone who wanted to show all posts from some category, say “category A” that were ALSO in “category B” AND NOT in “category C”. So, I helped out (coding, yay) figuring it would give me an idea of whether the extension possibilities I created make sense.

If you’re interested, you can now find all the source code at GitHub. This extension was aptly (ahem) named “cpcm-and-and-not-extension”.

Painting of a friend during an archery workshop

In January of this year, I invited a couple of friends for an archery workshop and dinner.
The goal was to hit the balloons taped to the target and at some point I exclaimed I’d paint a picture of the first person to hit a balloon.

I try to make good on my promises 🙂 though I had to ask her for a photo of said painting, because although I swear I took a photo for my own private collection before I gave the painting to her, I can’t find it anywhere.. whoops..


Ahh, placed it in a wrong folder somewhere, here it is:


LEDWall proto 2

I just sent out an order to have my very first PCB design ever manufactured! 😀


When I asked for feedback, they said it looked very neat for a first design 😀
Now all I have to do is wait for it and then I can solder on the components and see if it works 🙂

Edit: CRUD! Yep, forgot to model the resistors. Let’s see if I can modify the PCB after it arrives. If not, back to the drawing board.

On rediscovering painting

When I was a child, I was once asked to create a painting for a church. I don’t remember exactly what the event was, but I ended up creating a painting of a huge colorful mosque. After secondary school, I followed an art class and during my studies in Computer Science and Engineering, I also once took up a painting class. Although painting hasn’t been a constant hobby of mine, I do return to it from time to time. In the past year, I did quite a few paintings from photographs, as gifts for friends or friends of friends.

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LEDWall prototype 1

A year or so ago, my partner and I said to eachother “Wouldn’t it be cool to create a LED wall for our living room?”. We then set about to buy an Arduino and some required components for the first prototype. It took a while for us to actually get started, but my phone tells me that on the 7th of June I sent my technogeeky friends a photo over WhatsApp of my breadboard experiment:



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